Questions about King David

After reigning for 40 years, King David died at the age of 70, and on his deathbed, he urged Solomon to act in God’s ways and inflict vengeance on his enemies.

According to the Bible, King David died in his Jerusalem palace at the age of 70 from what appeared to be natural causes.

David’s crowning as king of Israel is recorded in 2 Samuel 5:4. David was 30 years old when he became king of Israel, according to the text.

Jesse, often spelled Isai, was King David’s father in the Old Testament. Ohed’s son, Jesse, was the grandson of Boaz and Ruth. In Bethlehem, he worked as a farmer and sheep breeder. Jesse had eight sons, the youngest of whom was David.

King David’s mother isn’t mentioned by name in the Bible. Her name is Nitzevet according to Jewish mythology, but there is no biblical evidence for it.

Jesus (the Messiah) was the fulfillment of David’s seed’s prophesy (see 2 Samuel 7:12–16). Because Jesus is the promised Messiah, He had to be of David’s heritage. Jesus was a direct descendant of Abraham and David through Joseph, Jesus’ legal father, according to Matthew 1.

Jesus is often referred to as the son of David. However, the Hebrew bible also mentions 19 of Davids sons by name.